A highlight from Chris Gethard: What do a Comedian and a Runner Have in Common? - R4R BONUS


It's a collective of conversations about running climate emergency and social justice. Running for real is for the brave for those courage. Invulnerability united by love running with driving momentum towards some of the really tough challenges facing humanity succumb. Join me and let's get stocks. Hello my friends oil. Commit to this bonus episode of the running cost if you are a first time listener because you are a fan of my guest today. Welcome to the show. I hope you enjoy this. And if you are rama you definitely better be sticking around in the future that if you are not maybe well. I'm not gonna say this to you because this is definitely not an episode for on convincing people to run. But you may enjoy yourself so hope you stick around for those loyal listeners. Thank you so much for joining. Today i am very excited about this episode today and i don't really know how to describe it going into this because it was just this totally random just worlds colliding say that happened and because someone tweeted at both of us which you soon find out. I had no idea my guest was. He had no idea he. I was which is not really surprising. and we just had the most beautiful conversation. honestly this podcast was one of my top. Five ever interviews. I loved every second. I learned so much and i came out of it. Feeling refreshed feeling excited feeling hopeful and optimistic and it was just. It was just beautiful. I mean that would may be sticking in mind because my guest. I guess i should say his name. Chris dodd is on the show today and he hosts a podcast cool beat sfu anonymous and his been wildly popular and maybe why that word is sticking my mind but it really does feel that way. It was a beautiful conversation. And chris. And i actually talking about ways to work together in the future. Now because of how powerful this was you were going to get to know him if you do not know him already but he is a well known comedian and actor he hosted a show couth. Chris gifford shire and it was widely known. I have a lot of people who are big fans of his and yet we're going to dive into the story. Did very little research as you're gonna find out but it just yeah just to get into it is all i can really say so. We're just want to tell you for a moment about one of our sponsors today before we get into the episode and that is koala so. I've been using koala clip for many years. Now i was a little bit skeptical. I because i wasn't sure really how this was gonna work. But basically koala clip is a little pouch that for women or men you can use on your waistband but for women you can put your phone into this little pouch low key slot as well and you can just clip it onto the back of bra so then you can go for run. It does not bounce. It doesn't move. It is really comfortable like forget it is. they're comfortable. I don't notice it while i'm using. It is sweat resistant. Which with summer coming is an important factor but part of our body gets sweaty any time of the year and they have a ninety day. Money back guarantee. If you're not happy with you can try it sweat and if you didn't like it they will refund you no questions asked. You can exchange it if you prefer but i have been using coiled clip for many years now. It is one of my absolutely necessary products. That i've been using the founder. Christina is also a friend of mine. And i've been really excited to see. How much does this growing. Because she's worked really hard and it's just been really cool to to see it grow so koala clip is something that i've been using. I have about maybe five or six of these and it's just a wonderful product to be able to use so for my listeners. You can actually get ten percents off your order by using card running for real. That's the number four running for real to get ten percents off your order. I would suggest getting a few. I've bought many people these gifts because they are so handy. There are great run gift and you also supporting female owned small business so it is a really great thing to have if you want to carry your phone with you without having to hold your hand also close to the headphones and other thing i love so yeah just go. Check out koala clip. You can go to koala clip dot com to find out more. Go check your favorite color and be sure to use code running for real to get yourself ten percents off your order.

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