A highlight from What the trial over George Floyds death means


We have to stand your voice of the people who are often on the fringes or marginalized and whose account of what happened are not taking seriously. That's nikiema leave armstrong. She's a civil rights lawyer in minneapolis and that was in two thousand sixteen when prosecutor announced. He would not press charges in the police. Shooting of jeremiah clarke problem in this system when you go up against those who have all of the power and frankly we're tired of it. We want to be treated with dignity and respect. We want the system to respect our humanity. We want you and others to realize that black lives do matter and we will not rest until we get justice. This is in front of our eyes and today. We're going to talk about the trial over the killing of george floyd a my name's john collins. I may reporter on the race class and communities team at npr news and for the last few years. I've been covering extensively police misconduct to end specifically on-duty police killings of civilians. If someone's on twitter or if they're following this from across the country they don't really realize what a presence. George floyd is in the city of minneapolis and what an impact. It's had i mean it's been a hard year for everyone but minneapolis has not only dealt with this pandemic but big protests riots arsons disappearance of law enforcement from the city for days and days governor we to be a whole. Hey but i think it's almost there's so many cases that happened before where specifically black men were killed by police officers. He was somebody somebody stole. Somebody's he was young and was in the past often like an attorney described to me as like he said he said sir situation where Coney attorneys prosecutors would listen to the take of the police officer and the one that really stands out to me was a man named mark clark. he was a black man. He was shot to death by a white police officer. In two thousand fifteen and his killing sparked these pretty big protests including a nation outside of the police precinct in north minneapolis and a lot of these protesters put pressure on the mayor. The coney attorney and elected officials because they wanted criminal charges filed. They wanted some sort of accountability. But at that point charges had never been filed minnesota against a police officer for taking. Someone's life on duty And the hennepin. County attorney mike freeman. Decided in jomar clark's killing not to file charges. Repeat the evidence must show unreasonable conduct by the police utilizing perspective of police officers and the use of deadly force with not necessary to protect the officer the public the threat the greek army so when a man named flanders casteel was shot to death during a traffic stop by an officer. The next summer there was already kind of a movement and there is already like pressure and in addition flannel casteel. His girlfriend turn on her facebook live. She caught on video the aftermath of his shooting and that like spread almost immediately all over the place. It was national news and the pressure really on radical attorney. John choi to file charges which became the first charges against the former officer. Horon montana's for

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