What's So Great About Montessori?


So montessori is about following the child and people think well if georgia do whatever they like you know it must be complete chaos but it's this beautiful approach. mixed classrooms so for example. They'll be three to six year olds together in a clause six sixty nine year olds and nine to twelve year olds in class which means that the children who have been in the class longer can model and show the younger children how things work and the youngest children's devout really look up to the older children and the teacher they actually call them a guide because instead of standing at the front of the class. They're they're observing all the children all doing their own things and they can say which child needs some more assistance and which child needs the next lesson in something and they step in to help and then they step back To let the children get on a make all the discoveries for themselves so the types of activities that are available at these beautiful. It's a beautiful curriculum. This really rich maytham tactile hands on materials. So his love workbooks worksheets or copying off. A blackboard is really that you go over and you take an activity and you bring it to a table or work mass. there's activities that are done by themselves but is also once he can do with a partner or friend and then when you move into the six to twelve age groups you actually have a of different workspaces like table. You could work by yourself. But actually lots of big tables or workspaces where you can collaborate with many people of different age groups. So it's just all about. I didn't know let's find out. And then the children get to touch and feel and talk a lot about hands on learning because you may have read this and talked about it a lot before you understand things better when you actually concrete we hold them in your hands rather than just absorbing facts and a formula children montessori discovering the formulas themselves. it's really exciting

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