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Now without further ado. Let's bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold alright. We are back with another one. You are the projects in wanna slept with thirty two your name you can sell more of what you agreed at. And we are here. Victoria deal and i'm excited to get into manifestation and helping us into our highest selves see. I probably do victoria. i'm fantastic. Thank you greetings from a very doc. Uk exactly in the evening. That's right around nine o'clock here at the moment. So yes awesome. I'm excited to get started here. Why don't you tell us. First of all who are personally professionally. Oh goodness so. My name is accelerated. Do you can tell by the accent. I'm from the uk. And i am an african or cl-. I'm also a shaming and an alchemist healer. So i pretty much help people to reconnect to the highest cells so that they can connect to the heating powers as well as creative power so that they can manifest whatever they want in life and so that is a great. So yes what is. What is your current product that you all right now. Oh goodness so right now. I don't know if anybody's head of clubhouse but i'm on there every day consulting and consulted with people at hundreds of people a day and just helping them with their lives. We've different problems. One of the things that we we. We may not realize that when we're born were bombed have been innocence. Where time does it not severna space. So everything just days when you look in a baby and you say they don't have a carrying the world then naturally don't have a carrying wealth but from the moment they come out their mother's womb. You either going to a is hand or whoever else is that. Bring the challenge in the world and the child starts to absorb the limiting beliefs and amazing beliefs. All the individual and and this child family and friends and you get conditioned that child get conditioned and then tessie faulty fifty years later. We sit on a podcast. And we're trying to do all of that so that we can go back to being a child again so that we can bring whatever we wanted to allies. So that's that's what i'm doing. I'm literally working with people to just reconnect with their highest cells. We've the innocence with whatever you wanna call it during tuition so that they can bring more into life especially right now when things are so unpredictable and some people have just given up and they don't believe that they can actually attract beautiful abundance a wealth all happiness into their life and it's actually so much easier than what we give it credit for. We just need to let go. I love it. I love it and i. I'm i'm like i'm going to grab i'm gonna get dining diving. Dive is all. I got one. That's customary question before we go. What your daily routine look like. Oh so i. I'm a stickler for structure in the morning. Okay so when. I woke up in the morning. The first thing i do is i thank you i say. Thank you to god's. Because i realized that this so much that i don't give credit for own knowledge so i say thank you and then i stopped my teeth getting ready and while some prey or listen to. There's a new really cool priest on instagram. Who i listened to at the moment at he goes through different chats at this cold father. James father underscored james. I think it's called base so amazing and i'm catholic and presbyterian but he's just wonderful so i listened to him and and that's like really allows me to go into my gratitude. My gratitude is me giving fans that being more specific about what i want. I'm really specific. I give gratitude for what i've got for what i would love and i give gratitude for what i wanna bringing so for example when we say we want to give cheese and stuff. A lot of people think. I'm gonna just watch what i've got but it's you behave as if you haven't got somebody's not gonna come so i give cheese for what i want what i wanted what i desire into my life and then i get to michael pizza on. I do a prayer. Before i click on my computer and then i start with clients and yet it's clients and sometimes i've got a. I've got a rebounder over there. So sometimes they go in jump from that if anybody's watches my instagram story. Today there's me jumping up and down on a rebound that listening to music sometimes go for a walk. Speak to friends. I break it down just to make sure that i have that balance where i'm naturally my so seven my clients but i'm most importantly putting me fests awesome. I have no idea what a rebounder is. What is that you're talking about. Oh i do apologize. So a rebound. That is like a mini trampoline. Okay and yet. It's a mini trampoline. But are so cool. 'cause you can have them in indoors you can have them in your home and and you just need help. She reveal new fattening drain ages. So it's amazing so you just you could use it as much as you want. And it's five because you can actually have a based on your weight. Okay oh so they. They tied up in. It can reflect your weight and everything out but it's fabulous one of my best purchases todate. Oh wow okay. That's awesome okay. Look into that. So let's dive in now. I'll tell tell us a little bit first of all about your journey into this into where you are today. What russia to this point where you know what this is. This is hawaii. This is who i want to serve. It wasn't an aha moment was there. Was that your upbringing guts to the point. Where where did this come from. Yes i i got here kicking and screaming. I got here kicking and screaming. I have a friend of mine. She's an american also identifies no has just called listen armstrong and she calls me up and oracle because my my default is no no no. I'm not gonna do that. So i used to be in the corporate world and i used to head. Projects programs portfolio very sena. I knew from the moments. I graduated from university that i wanted a very senior job very quickly. I wasn't so focused on the money. But i knew that i wanted very comfortable life and i didn't want to work weekends now. The deal i didn't well back. We can just fell fell in my lap so very quickly. I literally was on sixty goes. I think we've been about a year of being in the corporate world that went to six because very quickly and then i think we've been about two years. I got my own team. And i was very driven very ambitious derek. I loved money. I loved earning. He brought me loved helping others. And i was having a blast and yet gradually i started to realize that i was just existing and i couldn't explain. I didn't know what that meant. So i just assumed that that mental was depressed because depression was becoming okay to talk about that started to start talking about depression and mental house. Only be depressed. Just couldn't get over. The fact that i was at everything i wanted so i thought so everything i needed. I yet. there was just this niggling feeling. So i spoke to my plots teacher. Who was the only person i felt. I could confide in. I one of the reasons why i went to speak to was because as

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