How To Give Yourself a Spa-Worthy Facial At Home


Obviously talking about at home. Facials today setting. The ambiance is so important light a candle. You've got that going already. So let's start with that first step. Is there anything spa inspired. You'd recommend to your clients to recreate like a facial worthy cleansing experience versus. You know just a regular daily cleansing that we might already be doing. Yeah definitely and think that the first thing that you need to do is we always say that you know great. Skin starts with clean skin. I mean it's like the april of every good skincare routine. And you really want to start out with something super gentle. I feel like you know for me whether i'm working from home. Or whether i'm putting into the s which. I'm doing a little bit of both these as as i mentioned a lot of of your listeners. Or doing his bell. i'm. I'm always in a hurry looking for something that's really quick and ab multi-tasking. But for something a little bit more luxurious. I might recommend that you start with a makeup remover or cleanser. That is definitely gentle. Make sure it doesn't have any less so no sodium salt a it's Which could be irritating to the skin. And then just decide which texture that you want to pamper yourself. if you bubbles use a gentle foaming at type cleanser. If you like you know essential oils us using oil cleanser but really just be out which texture you like west and i would say to give yourself like that experience beaks your one that it has a lot of sense reality in. I think that's one of the things we re when we walk into a spots like right away. There's this small. I those relaxing aroma therapeutic sense. Yes so so. Make sure that the cleansing and your tony routine that you're using a cleanser that's just elite gentle on your

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