Russell Wilson still wants Antonio Brown in Seattle

First Take


Elements so last week long time. Nfl insider. john. Clay said on ninety three seven. Bannon pittsburgh that russell wilson is lobbying the team to sign super bowl winning receiver antonio brown wilson's name has come up in trade talks this season Obviously he hasn't been fully pleased with the seattle seahawks. That's no secret max kellerman. What's your reaction to wilson wanting. I'm confused here. I'm confused because abc does not come the same discount. He came on last year. The bucks right. There's a market for him. Now that's going to be more competitive than it was so it's not just like give basically getting abc for free. He wants them to lure a be away from a super bowl winning team with a great quarterback who still doing it and a great defense and everything all the things that russell wilson was complaining. He doesn't have right. Like i'm confused. Because ross i thought this was about your offensive line which through under the bus or not having a defense. Well there's a limited limited resources in the nfl per team. There's a salary cap. So you must rob peter to pay paul for every cent you spend on antonio brown. You can't spend that sent on your offensive line poor on your defense and it's not like you don't have metcalf and lock it. You have a receiving corps so of course what quarterback wouldn't want to throw the ball to. He's one of the greatest. Whoever did it but given the situation. He's lobbying for another receiver. I thought that was about the offensive line or the defense

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