Ministry and the Fear of Man


A great obstacle to serving the lord especially among the young is the fear of rejection and opposition. All kinds of thoughts entered the mind. About how some people might not like the way we act or speak. People might disagree or be offended. I might make a mistake and get criticized. The fear of man is a great hindrance to ministry. So god says don't fear. Because i will be with you and i will deliver you. God's presence and approval is more valuable than all the accolades of men And god says that in an through all your troubles. I will deliver you. You will triumph in the end. You will be more than a conqueror and the same thing is promised to all of us. In christ jesus. Today god has said. I will never leave you or forsake you so we can confidently say the lord is my helper. I will not fear what can man do to me. Hebrews thirteen five and six. If god is for us who can be against us. Romans eight thirty one. So god said to young jeremiah and god says to young people today whom he is calling to serve him and to the rest of us do not say. I am only a youth or too old or too anything jeremiah. One seven why because your life is rooted in the unshakable sovereign purposes of god. You have been chosen and consecrated and formed and appointed for a great purpose. Because god's authority not your own is behind you're serving and you're speaking and because god himself will be with you to deliver you in all your

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