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We have lots more free free agent action to break down. Plus mel kiper. Junior has done his third mock draft of the year. So hello will start right there a low to you mel kiper junior. Todd mcshay me third mock. How does it feel good to move on to four point. Oh soon three point zero and the review beer because everyone knew a mock draft every day if he could every day louise mocking my mom. You notice that it's been a fun process. I think the trades if that's the thing intrigue of the trades which on come around to feel because it allows you to put players where you think they will go not wear need takes united states. There's you'll say. I can't drop this guy here because that'll be lead them. But nor for the make sense. I have to now. You don't have to worry about that. You can make a trade you get a guy off the board for team to really could ultimately move up to get that player. I did it a soul. Going to the minnesota vikings pick number nine. I moved at carolina. Move up to get justin sales. Cut it off bat. Everything after that kind of fell into place title of a couple of guys left attitude. Put everybody in your mock draft that you want to i. I basically had forty five layers for thirty. Two spots is what it boiled down to. Don't i think that's always one of the perils of calling a player a first round. Pick like when you're signing him grades first rounder. Because i think in most years you'll either have fewer or more than thirty two players that fit that bill. Todd big week for you. Not just evaluating mel's mock and keeping up with all the pro days including alabama today but of course your birthday week as have birthday our friend. Thank you thirty years young. Don't look at twenty nine. As far as i'm concerned by that. How do you celebrate a war today or in the middle of draft season. I celebrated by doing seven players. I told i gotta get seven done each day in order to get it done by april fifth. I got seven on and then by my kids brought on some cupcakes. wait Pretty good stakes there. You go that's a win right there and Certainly looking forward to a great year for you ahead. Todd we're going to get into some of these free agent move and just sort of ping-pong if these big transactions or whether they mean anything for your mock drafts will start mel with the giants who could spend big this off season. The latest move was a four year. Seventy two million dollar contract for wide receiver. Kenny golladay. I don't think the wide receiver. Actually there were those that thought that the giants could be in play for jalen waddell at pick. Eleven to fi fell there. Has this eliminated. Wide receiver from the giants needs. Now melt the eleven were now. they think they sat. It had basile that eleven. You're not getting. Jay waddell agree march as or kyle pitch not getting any does dies at pick number eleven now. I think the attention turns to a complimentary ash. Rusher to help out leonard. Williams net could be quitting paid for michigan at pick number. Eleven on the other pass rushers bring with them some question marks. We can argue jalen phillips as the best your russia but he's at the durability concerns joe russo only had one year of productivity sack. Wise of miami's quick pay is a talented kitten as i said from an outside perspective knowing what's giants hat on defense. That's exactly what the especially after adding the dory jackson at cornerback and to look at a Or caleb forward now with the back procedure of from virginia tech where a jc born. So i thought what a some people may say. It's a reached todd field i. They don't think so. I think eleven for a pass rush electron a skill set and that kind of attitude necktie approach would be a rigid that point. We've talked a lot about greg russo. And coming out of miami. Who has the opt out ear. But fifteen and a half sacks going back to twenty nineteen talk a lot about jalen phillips and what he did this past year and he's a really good player as well come out. Coming out of miami. Thought he had a great twenty. Twenty season really helped it stuck. But when i put on the take quality payers different. He has suddenness in twitching. It's some of these other guys. Don't have and i know is is his stats were exceptional. But he is constantly disrupting the other thing. I love about him. You gotta have this defensive end or pass. Rusher the motor. He flies around the field. He plays sideline to sideline. He will chase you down for behind. And he's got explosive workout numbers as well so. I don't think it's that big of a reach. I think at some point you know after ten. We're going to see the the defensive end. The rushers starts come off the board. So that didn't shock me. But the other thing i'll say they'll going back to the giants. In general daniel jones. No longer has accused one of the best running backs in all in the entire. Nfl and you bring golladay was a big physical receiver. You've got ingram tight added you've got slayton. Shepherd rudolph is well a china under the brought in. I mean this. There's a lot of weapons now around that quarterback position yet if they could help me ingraham style open mic drop. The cost them the game but a drop he had other drop stories here that were significantly importance of the outcome of that football game and what was going on in that game we gotta keep saquon healthy. The offensive line's gotta get better was mature. Thomas estimate here. What apple made. So we're coming off after opting out this year with cohen. And then obviously daniel jones at your three doing with josh allen. Did with the buffalo bills now. Cast weapons like kenny. Golladay also stay healthy. So we'll expect the same improvement that we saw josh allen from your to disarray that will be. We saw improvement with daniel jones. Your wanted to cut down on the fumbles. The turnovers now. He needs until he got hurt. He was playing really well lately here so now. Thanks next step. He's got the pressure to become josh. Allen wasn't buffalo in the pieces were certainly in place for some success. Todd juju smith schuster signed a one year deal with the steelers worth eight million bucks. It suggests to me that at least the nfl doesn't view him as a true number. One wide out only a one year deal so we could walk from pittsburgh beyond this year but this feels like a team that just based off of the depth they already have like wide receivers gotta be pretty low on the pecking order of things to check off four g. m. kevin colbert this off season right. Yeah i agree. I think juju is still a really good player. And he's probably yes best suited to be that number to a complimentary guy. Antonio brown was on the opposite side. that's when he had the monster year so But you also if you're at your colbert the gm you. You've got to look at this and say ben's to be around very long ben. Ross orders got maybe one two more years left so we gotta make sure we surround him with enough talent. And that's why i think it was critical. Juta took less money actually from reports at least to go back to pittsburgh and he would have gotten maybe from baltimore heady switch inside that division.

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