Ford Spokeperson Calls Tesla's Full Self-Driving Electric Car 'Vaporware'


A ford spokesman has dismissed tesla's autonomy as vaporware a corporate communications officer forty engaged tonight twitter trash talk with a fan of tesla and referring to the model. Y as vaporware. Says this article coming from yahoo finance. I must admit they've actually got this one particularly wrong. He didn't didn't dismiss the model. Y as vaporware. He dismissed full self driving as viper. Where but still. It's a bit of an interesting one when a senior komo's person big automaker like four gets into a very public twitter spat. The put down was sparked by a tweet from tesla well-known tesla investor. Ross gob. Who is also the ceo of a wealth management company. That have you guessed it. A ton of money tied up in tesla. It's in his interest for tesla to do very well so he won't like it if somebody makes a call that is actually very very good and and could be competition so he was talking about four. This tesla investigate was talking about ford on twitter expressing unhappiness with ford's mustang mike e the electric vehicle. The he says. Ford it serves no value to compare the mac eight tesla. It is not an. It's not close. It will serve you not to have your dealers ripping off customers with bs. Five thousand dollar fees. You should return the money to the customers. You've raped off. He said to ford. I guess that is referring to dealers who in a second of demand world have been putting the price up which obviously test don't do because they control. Hugs wholesales pipeline. Well mike levin is for north. America comes manager and he wasn't very happy about seeing that he responded to this tesla investor. I within an hour saying why would fold have to compare. Don't listen to me. Listen to the media and return those ten thousand dollar full self. Self-driving deposits maquis customers. Drive away with the car. Tesla customs drive off with vaporware and

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