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Continued force? On this man. When he has no pulse. No pulse. Continued. Restraint, continued grinding, twisting and pushing him down and crushing the very life out of him. It wasn't too late. He could have rolled him over perform CPR. No, he continued. He ended with a plea for the jury to convict on the three count against You even saying this This wasn't policing. This was murder. The defendant is guilty of all three counts. All of them. And there's no excuse. And then came the defense's closing argument. What did Attorney Eric Nelson say? Well, he was very insistent that Derrick Show even acted reasonably because of how hard George Floyd had struggled during his arrest. And he also told the jury that focusing on Lee on the nine or so minutes that show Vin stay on top of Floyd disregarded the totality of circumstances, including the fact that three officers have been unable to get Floyd under control. Reasonable police officer would in fact take into consideration the previous 16 minutes and 59 seconds. Experience with the subject. Struggle, but they had the comparison of the words to actions. It all comes into play. Why, Because human behavior is unpredictable. Human behavior is unpredictable, and nobody knows it better than a police officer. Nelson also spent a lot of time arguing that there were other factors in Floyd's death, including his enlarged heart, his heart disease on his drug use person. Has drugs in their system. And that drug causes an overdose.

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