A highlight from The Tour Catch-Up: Tsitsipas masters Monte Carlo; Dan Evans downs Djokovic; Nadal shocked by Rublev; Federer returns to Roland Garros; BJK Cup Play-offs; Davis Cup finals go to 3 venues


A came the sudden shied egg. The pups are now open. I feel like it's a pretty good time to be the uk. I've got a smile on my face and the klay season is in full swing. Monte-carlo done and dusted. We had the final yesterday. Cisa pass rube love which was a bit of a shock. And i feel like from your side. It's gonna be mixed emotions here because you are the number one rafa fan and i mean rougher monte-carlo the normally go hand-in-hand but in two thousand twenty one it just it just wasn't meant to be. Yeah i was them all. Hey hoping joe to be out in the garden this weekend with a celebration region tone axle rappers next monte-carlo title but it was be friday evening. you know. I'm not weakened eight. It was a big shock. Maybe i went into a bit arrogant thing. He all has got the bloodstream playing well but surely rufford belly lost a game up to that point but Yeah it was to be on. My favorite. sports was lewis. Hamilton did not win the race. I wasn't the best sporting weekend in history for me. It was still. It was still good and we had a an interesting tournament. We had a new winner at steph. Sits pass his first. Masters title I greek player to win a mouse. Titles as making history for his country and all in all he had a really fantastic tournament. Didn't drop a single set his sixth career title. I guess his his second biggest Win after winning the atp finals in two thousand nineteen and he's number one in the atp race now he is the man of twenty twenty one. I suppose at the moment overall. If you think about it like that yes steph. Cisa pass very very accomplished performance in the final against live very emphatic. Well i think a lot of people getting funnel potentially thinking it was going to get three sets the head to head record. I think was three will going into it. So you know they probably both know each games Very well opt for the juniors and then playing each other on the cape. I think cisa pass really showed that he was really a home. He is really a home. I think on a clay core. And as i think one of the he's going to be one of the players to be. I think the very long garrison looking to say he's the he's the favor. Of course. nadal is the i think we could say wyoming favorite by fink. Cicip are certainly is going to be one of the potential challenges to his crown because he just he just looks really really solid at the moment he we'll have to see how the rest of the woma events guy. Yeah he was really on it. And i think he has a lot more variety than rip and when he's playing well playing confidently new like he was this week. It just made look a bit more one dimension which we i think we have touched upon before and i mean six packs when he goes i serve in this of no hate for replied freely. Yeah it was very common behind his serves. It's bess wills. and yes. it's ready I was expecting it to be a lot closer but it. We saw in just over an hour with you and why i love. They joel is the fact that his mom one at monte carlo back in the day they had a junior event for women on his mom yulia. Saudi keva was a winner. They nineteen eighty-one so it's running in the family. I think that was a very fast. Li emotional and special moment for sits specimen we know how kind of moisture he does get so i think it would be yeah. It was really nice to see that full him. You know the end in the in the ceremony. I think it was definitely a motivation for him. I think he said connor going. It wasn't really on his radar to be to be in with the sausage but when he got to the semi finals i think that did drive him a little bit and it was quite quite unique piece of history isn't it and it's quite cool. Thing to say key sort of said like mother like son and is quite nice. The bay now won the. Yeah the owners border the monte carlo and yeah it's it's really really impressive from him and i think that match against re beverly kind of show. You'd i think the the difference. I think came in level. There is still between andrew blake who is a very consistent player. We've we've seen his kind of performances at the five hundred level. But he's still. I still think he's still much very much developing and he is still a bit one dimensional and i think when he comes up against someone who has that variety like assistant pass. You has multiple dimensions to his guy. He's just getting. he's getting beaten each time. And i think that's the thing that he will need to address because if his if it's a game isn't working against his opponent it doesn't feel like he's got another another option at the moment. Yeah i mean we're has got a number of wins over. Its past but i think when this process really owner and when it comes to like these the deep end of of top top tournaments that's where it shows and it's a bit lacking for replenishing i suppose they after the quarter-final against rafeh he must have been flying high with confidence because oversee defeating the king of clay on the monte-carlo core like he just rip left going into i think i think before we were recording. Joey said the ripple ever taken a wildcard into bus lane and because he achieved that he was released rafeh so he was like yeah. Okay play ball. Saying i'm gonna lose it a night. That was and it was. Yeah it was already. We'd really ways match. Braford did not play well. He served abysmal I tell you. I think he about seven double food and i think the that he's most amount of votes in a in a match ever was eight so he was raised his worst ever serving performance in a match ever since time began. I don't think i've seen the dow play that badly that sets and a half. I was sort of a minor miracle. He won that second set. In my case it was It was very very very subdued You know. I didn't know if he was affected by the fact crowd. That but it certainly felt like a bit of a shock. Because you know going into that match he had one. You know one two against double anyone. One one against dimitrov see felt like he was just so steamrolling his way through to the final rebe that had had other plans on his mind. And even so you throw that third-set thought the momentum was going to shift and maybe not. I was going to run away with it but reuben. I've really really didn't let that second. Set blip phase him and was able to come to come through but it was. Certainly i think a surprise to me that third set that he wasn't able to to go on and win it like the champion that he is. Yeah i was expecting third-set be a definite lot closer but first back to how it had been most of the match and it was just run. A four games at the end of the second set when referee couldn't hit the goal. My hopes up. But i'll be offset i was glad. The referee didn't get thrash because it looked at one point. He was gonna lose. You know sixty six wild. And i thought oh my lord like that's really bad but i was just thinking. Oh just extend the match pay more match practice. That's what we need right now. But yeah i know but wait what was going on but is better. That happens now than at roland. Garros and i know we have seen it. Before ref hasn't won every single clay will prevent any still rolling. Garo i think reference to like panic because we have calling seen this before but perhaps not solve the stand the low standard. The referee playing that was perhaps the thing that sticks up a bit more compared to previous times. This has happened. Just re bevis. Well i mean he had come through well against batista in a pretty lengthy match before that as well so he might have been a bit tired when he got to that final because he did really have a really hot joel.

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