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Guilty verdict of former Minneapolis police officer Derrick Show Vin. That I think the entire world was hoping to say. You're listening to Virginia Tree Ali on ABC Radio Melvin. Riverdale shopped in their leading chanting at a press conference immediately after the guilty verdict on three counts was handed down by US jury finding former police officer Derrick Show Vin Guilty of the murder off George floored in a case that touched off worldwide protests, violence and a major re examination of racism and policing in the United States. Sarah Ferguson, ABC is North America correspondent Was there outside court at the time of the reading out off that verdict. Sarah Good to talk to you this morning, so How do we way that the conflicting sorrow and joy of this incredibly important verdict? Virginia let me just fund you into this scene that I'm in a moment to part of your question that the head of a very large demonstration that score Just outside the courthouse like that verdict was read. There are hundreds of people about to set off at this moment. Now flags from full board. On Seventh Street in Minneapolis. This celebration is taken over the streets. They're calling it a celebration. But it is, of course, a very hard for a celebration in the crowd. Now it's calling out George Boy. Same name. Way we've seen these moments occur outside courthouses before Sarah Ferguson,

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