Microsoft Launches Surface Laptop 4


Microsoft announced a new twenty twenty one surface laptop. I thought we were going to suffer. Pru suffered pro eight because suffer. Spruce seven to stem domino microsoft. Here but this emphasis. Pro seven chemo in two thousand and nineteen thus basically back in the the old days that's the daily and before went to sleep before you fell asleep and then the water suffers pro seven plus we must admit. I didn't know anything about until last week. I've been talking to microsoft about trying to review the new surface laptop and they were saying. Warbirds suffers pro seven. Plus now the voice that but it's a business only addition laptops. He can only buy for business and that was released and twenty twenty it also is not huge amount of difference to be honest this more business focused interested but no this is quite cool. Am surface laptop. Reviews are in and so far as getting fairly. Decent reviews called suffers not top four. This is now getting eleventh gen until core processors which is pretty cool. And also i think for the first time there's an amd processor option as well. The zen two cds. Now you know more about this. Do what does that mean. Well i thought. I did. But the more i listened to try and understand it the more confused i get because of the naming on the. Amd processors is crazy so actually. Three's the latest generation of processors at least for the desktop. So i'm not sure about the lattes versions of the cpu so yeah we're talking. Zen two architecture which is the last gen is a bit. Like you you get with the intel. I five you can have generation four thousand the way up so the most recent one which is the eleven so yeah But this is actually. We're starting to see laptops becoming available with the news then. Amd processors because on the desktop side of things they are absolutely amazing and they are killing intel

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