George Clooney: World's Worst Pandemic Roommate

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Brace yourselves. y'all george clooney is inviting you to his lake como house. He's also minute brad. Pitt is causing trouble for him. At a mall so georgia's teaming up amazed to raise money for his clinic. Foundation and one lucky winner will score trip to lake como to have dinner with george and amal at their house but before you enter the contest be ward. george is being called. The world's worst pandemic roommate the sooners. This pandemic is over you to come celebrate with a mall in me at our house in late. Have you over to our place a little get together now. One of my favorite things about meeting new people is that you never know when a lifelong friendship is going to blossom. In fact by total dumb luck. I actually ended up spending most of last year stuck rooming with this random guy. And we're basically best friends now but don't take my word for it. Just ask him. Do i recommend hanging out with george clooney. No i do not. I guess. I forgot how strange people could be q. Believe a mall wanted me to throw this away throwing this out no way man the whole video so cute and if you're the winter what is the first question you ask george in a mall. How'd you tame that'd beef. I mean not that. George clooney was like a wild as but he was free and he was out in the streets. And if you don't know what these streets me call your your favorite black person and ask them. What does this mean when you're out in the streets a lot of times we always say like you can't change your man you can't you know. Stop a man for being who he is but it seems like when they intersected it was that we saw this whole new side aclu so it kind of gives me. Oh i know all feel. I would love to hear her perspective because she may he may have just been so head over heels for her from the beginning she may have just been like it. Wasn't that hard basically. He was just pursuing me. Like crazy and it is what it is.

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