A highlight from How I Turned $5 Into a $10M Business with Mignon Francois


Hey guys i know how easy it can be to get caught up in the business business that you end up not growing yourself and growing your team. There's so much going on and you can get really distracted and look up and go. Gosh we're we're the bottleneck on the growth of our business. The problem is if we're not investing ourselves investing in our team we get stuck in the day to day for working long hours. And then eventually we're not seeing the growth that we're looking for from the ramsey network busy entreleadership podcast where we help. Business leaders grow themselves their teams and the profits. I'm your host daniel tardy and full. We're going to shake things up a little bit today. And we're actually going to bring you to conversations on this topic of investing in yourself so that you can invest in your team now as you guys know. Were all about inspiration and application here and so to double down on application. Our second conversation is going to be with a ramsey leader. Somebody that's in the trenches with dave ramsey himself leading day. Today we're gonna talk about the first conversation and the principle that is here in the topic of the podcast. But then we're gonna talk about when the rubber hits the road as a ramsey leader. What's that actually look like and are thought here is that you're going to get some action items. That are very practical. And you're going to be able to go back and execute and a whole new way to be your guide on that part of the conversation ramsey network host george campbell's jumping in studio to host those conversations. And well you guys know him and love him. If you've been to summit but if you haven't you can have a lot of fun with that and You definitely want stick around for the second conversation. So make sure to tune in. So i up we've got magnon francois. Magnon is the founder and ceo of the cupcake collection. She has twelve team members in two locations in two different states and she's growing now to do a lot of work on herself grow herself as leader mentor her team so that she can work on growing her business and her story simply inspiring the early days. When you talk about the odds being stacked against you mignon has a courageous inspiring story because her husband walked out on her. She was on the verge of being homeless into. She only had five dollars to her name and she used that five dollars to buy ingredients to make some stuff for a bake sale and now because of her leadership because of her courage that little bake sale has turned into a multi million dollar business. So let's go back to that moment when she was about to be homeless. So you living in this house. Yeah but then but then you get to the point where you're gonna lose it. Yeah scary yeah. I mean 'cause we were on the verge of homelessness like where are we going. We don't have any money. We don't have any credit. You're really thinking you'd be homeless. Oh we were. We were going to be homeless. I mean that's that's i was terrified. I'm always had really supportive parents You know who wants to go back home with dragging their tail between. La's because nothing. You didn't do anything i told you to like. My parents worked really hard for thirty five years for the same company. Mothers started out as sick re terry in her company. When my mother retired she was being offered an executive level position she climbed the corporate ladder literally clawed her way up. And so that's that was the kind of Lineage common front fighter and and this is what she expects the for children. And you know here. I am playing life. China do business so when we started the cupcake election. It was a secret and i dared any of my children. Tell them thing about it. And when we purchased the house that we purchase it was a secret also so we were already living. There had are removed into this house. I just described my mother knew nothing of where we were. Even living until things began to start to pan out then i started to give her snapshots of my life In western because she came in she would've came. Come to nashville. Pack up my grandchildren. If you wanna stay in this foolishness you can vote what they're getting out and she just didn't believe in You know business ownership in that kind of thing. But i think that's a a a narrative across a my community. My generation is the first generation of african americans who have full access to opportunity in ways. My parents didn't have so. I'm a girl on a daughter of the nineties. You know i was in. I graduated and was in College in the nineties and so we were being taught something different I went to abc use. Oh you know that was different from anything that my mother had ever experienced historical black college university. And i'm so we were being top things that you know we could do When was it first real for you as as an african american lady That you believed that you're going to write a new story. Not that they were saying you could but you actually internally realized. I'm i'm going to pave a path. It's really good. When was the first time. I noticed i was going to write. A new socio. Always knew i was going to be famous. God didn't waste his fabulous name. Nobody knowing it. So i had to do my due diligence to make my name great so i always kind of knew but when did i know i think when i knew i was going to write a new story happen once the cupcake collection started becoming a thing and facebook happened.

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