Northern Ireland Adds to Pressures on the UK Union


Uk's northern ireland secretary brandon lewis is in dublin today to hold talks with ireland's foreign minister. Simon coveney. it comes at a time. When relations between the two neighbors are being tested daily as a recent burst of violence in loyalist areas of belfast and a continued objection to the northern ireland protocol. The part of the brexit deal aimed at avoiding a heart border between the north and the republic for which imposes some trade barriers between the former and great britain. Well to examine what the two men have to talk about. And what progress can make. I'm joined by belfast. Based journalist rebecca black good morning rebecca. Good to have you with us. Good morning thanks. So just this is now. It's a month now since i'm in. Coney went to london to try to begin to sort out the problems. Just give us a little bit of context. What circumstances mr lewis. Mr coveney meeting and well i suppose to a meeting amid a lot of uncertainty of minutes and the husband calls for for for more formal talks to be To be brought but so far the thousand quite listen to that so we take the middle road of them having sort of individual talks with different parties instead so many other meet today. There's lot of uncertainty following the resignation of already foster. There's two people are should come forward in terms of trying to succeed her I suppose with any party dealership called pass things. Become a little more predictable. People will say things appealed to party members on particularly the party. Membership up minute. Which is reflecting susan. Mid within unions and those with a lot of discomfort over the brexit brexit arranged into the

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