A highlight from Chapter 7: O.C. Justice


Hey dan how are you. Good how are you doing. I'm few moments late. That's okay that's okay. I've got this a limited amount of time. But i'm happy to chat with you and like i said yesterday if you want to record that find as well okay. That's great thank you so much. let's get into it. How are you feeling about what's gonna happen on friday. Well i mean they're lancs going into it. Of course you know the fact that it's going to be done. Virtually because kobe sitting here on the computer watching the court made a ruling on this town about case which is the most important obviously to the victims. And to everybody. Involved so yeah. I'm very anxious from justin. Harman and audio check this is. Oc swingers chapter seven oc justice on the bench. Shanna pa she made some passes at man the dark running loan through

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