A highlight from Immigrant Moms vs. YouTube Conspiracies (w/ Gastor Almonte)


And we'll come back to another episode of asian that asian. Podcast the podcast to asian guys. Enough major talk about american issues. No raking cares about. I'm your host and mike win. Today is saturday april. Twenty four coming to you live from an undisclosed location. We cannot tell you. If you're listening to this on your phone right now. Please take a screen shot and posted on instagram stories. At and asian part. And if you're listening to this on your iphones on your apple podcasts. At please leave a review. It helps us so much so yeah and if you see something funny we'll read. It will read it on the podcast. So that's some incentive for you just real quick. Mike just wanted to let you know that. I got my second dose my second baby when you got to. You got pfizer moderna and a baby. You know it's funny. Everybody was saying the side effects are going to be crazy. And i it and i was fine and i saw this tweet. That was like waiting for the waiting for the second dose to hit like a like an edible or something or nothing was happening to me. And i was like dude. Everybody's frigging up from nothing. And then i woke up the next morning when i had to work and it was fucking hell bro. Hal man and i probably shouldn't be saying this on air because they're probably vaccines get this south my vietnamese american out there and talk about that. You know it's crazy to me is everybody was like oh my god. It was hell and it was like. Y'all never been sick before you get sick. Because i don't we don't you know why because we're adults now. We have good immune systems. You don't know why you get sick as a kid all the time right right right. I don't know we saw how sick we get ahead. Yeah i feel like there's some people who like oh always has a cold or something. I just never. I don't like often so like though extra bad. Yeah i feel like straight up flus though. I haven't had the flu in a long time. Where you're like. I'm sick like a dog. And i'm being i think. The last time legit i had to call out sick was i was like twenty five and i was like sick. I li- you know. I was like throw it up and everything that but since then you know we don't get sick no more so it's almost if anything guys. If you want to relive your youth go ahead and get that second shot if you wanna ten back in the early day if you missed throwing up and ching your pants you take that second shot and you go. The ninety s just put on a little bit of john rule. You know the go bust. That's her yearbook luxury. Pull out your yearbook man. I put a put a put a cd of in sync on put on a tiny fedora. Maybe a trucker hat and just be like yo man. Two thousand and three yeah. I'm a baby all right. Let's get to our patriot. Shout outs we have a patriot and donate we Trying to get your ethnicity on air so please join us. Patriot dot com. Let's asian asian. I patriarch person of the week. We got yeah. L. pete p. Our this is our our guest. our yes podcasts. Before she is. I know exactly what she's she's jewish brazilian but she. Here's the thing japanese. Here's the thing though is is if i didn't know yelp eat ethnicity. Because she was on the show. I would just think this is like a vegetable. This vegetable pete has given us money. Googles whatever that braised lp pizza good thank you. I know you know you're doing your thing so it's awesome. Thank you next week. Got khloe just khloe. I think this is the khloe we saw the other day. But i'm gonna say chinese. I don't remember that i don't remember seeing a khloe. There was a rumor khloe. I don't wanna say her full name but like khloe she was she was like lying in bed. That makes it sound real weird but oh you mean like on the zoom in zoom. You made it sound like you. And i were in the bedroom. That's that's how it was. That's how you get that if you give us fifty bucks a month so just remember all sorts here a chinese or taiwanese julia chang c. h. a. n. g. chinese chinese aaron knin. Yes this is. This is my old editor from magazine. I used to write for. I learned everything. That's good that i do right. I learned from her and everything wrong. I learned from fumi so this is the good. This is the anti foaming. Thank you erin. And i know what she is but what do you think she's i think she is mongolian. Okay my wrong i think. So what did you say. The trick is that h you throw an h. into randomly into a into a name. There's vietnamese or got it got it okay. Yeah then we have steven cowe. Kay how say chinese and that concludes our patriot showers for the week again. If you wanna get a shadow on the podcast go to patriot. Dot com slash asian. Not asian pod. And then we'll try to get your ethnicity on air of the week. What are we got this week. Mike what's happening yeoman. I've been i've been. I've been out there in the streets. You know i've been a little slut. Been saying that's what people say. That's all jogging. Well that's what everybody always says. Everybody's like i'm being. I'm going out. I'm being a little slut. And i'm just like what did you do. I went to the grocery store. I'm like okay. I guess that's that's the level where we are as a community that our slutty nece is just doing normal things that go into the bodega. Which is you know so. Like you've been very very good boy during this quarantine and i don't know if it's because you're old or if it's 'cause your dad was in the military i don't know what the fuck it is. But you were very prudent during. You didn't see anybody you didn't go any. He didn't go to any like secret parties into any indoor shows. So where have you. And i know you're joking about the grocery stores. Where have you gone doors. That's been or what have you been doing. That's a little bit more like human interaction. Forward that that you think is a little nutty. Yeah i i did an an indoor show. I stood outside until i was supposed to go in. But then i went inside and then i did that and that was fire and i did do jitsu. I went to a class. I went to aid jitsu class. And has this dude breathing on me. I was bringing up breathing on him. It was awesome so funny could tell. That's so funny that you you were standing outside at the state of comedy show. You've got to be careful and then the next day you're reading some down down. Some guys neck was i was And it was. It was so nice. I realized i must have been completely shredded before the pandemic because i was so sore the next day i couldn't i was like sore like the back of my neck was sore. My jaw hurt. I don't know why i don't remember that. Maybe something happened. Who knows something happened. Let's explore that attack. That part that was being a little slow right. It was crazy. But i don't know i mean i don't know i don't know if i feel like i've you know what it's like. You say that. I've been being. I've been really good. But i've just been doing what the cdc said and it's just like wow you've been so you've been following doctor's advice because that's very un-american americans very fuck you right like you. Were doing what most people in japan were doing. Or they're like they. They watch the news as i go. Okay we're not going to do those things. Because we're not allowed to but i feel like most americans don't do that. You know what i mean. Well that's why we killed a half million of us so show america. It's very american to kill. Americans that's true that's the most american god guys don't even know how true that is. Read a book okay. So that's what. I've been doing me how you been. I've been naughty.

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