A highlight from What are the Skills a Product Manager should Master? - Ep 152


So i'm really enjoying it. It's been a been there about a year and a half. After working independently. And before that i spent a lot of time in product product manager product strategist product executive varies interesting organizations. It's good any other half time. The other fifty percent the percent. You're an author. Do try to do quite a bit of english major kurt. Hew try to quite a bit of writing as well. And about a year ago. I had the pleasure of co writing. A book called the northstar. Playbook with a gentleman named john cutler is well known product consultant and product development coach. He works company called the amplitude based in silicon valley. And we wrote this playbook together and that was published january of twenty twenty. I think it officially went live so that was pretty exciting as well and i do quite a bit of writing on the design route blog and on other outlets having to do with product. It's good yeah. I can't recommend new york enough. it's fantastic. that's why i'm really excited to talk to you today today. We're going to be talking a lot. About what makes a great product manager. What are the things that they should be. Focusing on order. Some of their characteristics skill sets areas of focus just all the different areas did. Yeah i know. It's a very deep subject and one of the things that i've found it. I've said it a lot on this. Show jason. he's the one of the biggest problems. I see in product management is that there's no standardization when it comes to it so i so many people asking like how do i get into product management. How do i become a product manager. And it's hard for me to say you can't go and get this certification necessarily but here's different skill sets that you should be really focused on the areas that you should be doing so i wanna talk to those two to those specifically view today and so one of the first things that comes to mind is obviously team building building a great product team. Because you alone is the product manager are now creating a product on your own at least in most cases right yeah. You're exactly right kurt. When i think of the sort of secret of a great product discipline and organization are a team that i can tell gonna make really good products. It starts with the team. And that's not just with. The product manager is really with the sense of this cross functional dedicated group of people who are all obsessed with solving a particular problem for a customer group are identifying what that problem is and then developing the right kind of solutions to it. Rather than taking an order in executing the thing they were handed to build men going their separate ways right.

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