A highlight from S12E13: Is it Love or Love Bombing? w/ Dr. Diane


The dateable podcast is an insider's look into modern dating at the huffington post calls one of the top ten podcast about love and sex on each episode. We'll talk about thing from sex parties. To sex droughts date fails diaper fetishes. And i moves to first loves. I'm your host. You issue former. Dating coach turned dating sociologists. You also hear. From my co host and producer julie craft check as we explored this crazy dateable world. Hello everyone welcome to another upset. Dateable a show all about modern dating where we dig dig dig into the whys of people's behavior and why they say the shit that they do even if it's good shift is always no matter right. Good shit there can be good shit shit just like a new term for stuff condos lives all the word that comes up all encompassing a. Yeah we had a really great couple last episodes really showcasing our hosts that we have in our sounding board group that lead the podcast discussion groups in the weekly happy hours. And now we've kind of announced that we're we've upgraded them to also be moderators in the public love in the time of krona group. So it's really nice. Hearing all their stories to getting to know them at like an even deeper level. And what. I really loved about these interviews is that we learn about their plan postcode What are they playing to do with their love. Lives post covid. What did they learn during covid that they're taking into this new reality and it just reminds me of the transition time that we're in right now julian i both have had Our second shots. So were i guess at this point fully vaccinated and i feel like half new superpowers in someone says so last night. Until you this julie. i was out My boyfriend and i were out in culver city. This is where we live now and ran into someone that has seen in over ten years. Someone i knew a new york. Oh wow we were standing in line together. He had his mask on. And i was like. Maybe that's so this is what happened. We were both in line together. I was pulling up his facebook as he's deeming me on instagram. Like 'cause i just want to confirm where he was a he. Dm you said. Are you in line with me right so we were like what the fuck like what world and so our first conversation was are vaccinated or you good. We established that and then he and his wife asked us to join them for dinner so it was like. Oh my gosh first. Time meeting up with basically new people in over a year. It was so weird. It was so crazy to sit down with people who weren't in my quarantine pod. That energy is definitely shifting for sure and i think a lot of people like i've definitely heard people like really going on a lot more dates to recently because i think there is. You know it's the feeling of more security with at all. Yeah like there's it's definitely feels like we're moving forward. So hopefully i keep hating to say even like with our dating post pandemic. i always feel like we're like a little. And i don't want to like say we're not out of the woods completely but there's definitely been a shift. I mean now like you'd basically don't even need to wear a mask like that's the latest which is kind of interesting. I wasn't really expecting that. I thought we'd be wearing masks for a lot longer. But let people start kissing again. Bring the pda back. Yeah they were like std's or all cured in euro vaccinate from std's. If i stop wearing condoms be i think i mean there's stuff you know i love to like brass take taco by free type but like all this stuff about like hot girl sever see all these like weaves basically like people going buck wild the suburb because they've been cooped up for a year like it's gotta be crazy. It's going to be interested to see how people react. I do feel like a new person though after being vaccinated. And i think you and i should both talk about our second shot experiences because it seems to vary so much in. Everyone's very curious. So if you haven't had your second shot. I'll tell you my experience i have madonna. I got it at three pm. And that night. I felt fine. Didn't feel much of a side effect.

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