Colorado Mayor Wants All Electric Car Chargers To Be Universal


Yourself A gas powered car camera fuel at any pump but electric vehicles need special chargers. Tesla for example built fast chargers for its own drivers and another luxury brand ribian is finding its own exclusive network of charters but all this has created concerns that electric vehicle drivers are going to have to deal with frustrating. Patchwork of charging stations sam brash of colorado public radio reports on one small town mayor who's decided to push-back i meet mayor. P t would at a distillery he owns in saliva colorado mountain community famous for its bike trails in whitewater rapids. A few years ago would landed on one more way to draw people into town for a cocktail. It's a small electric car charger mounted just inside the front door only charger in central colorado. That was free and public and woods. Says it was probably his best marketing idea. Ever people were literally buying a case of spirits from us just to say thanks for the charging would expand on the strategy after winning. The mayor's office. The city installed another bank of chargers near escape park downtown and like his original charter. The plugs fit almost every electric car. Model in drivers. Don't need to pay a penny. The economic return of people stopping in town spending money here has paid for the the electricity multiple multiple times last year. Riven a luxury electric car company approached with an offer and wanted to build satellite eight. Superfast car chargers at no cost taxpayers. It's like heck yeah. Let's do this then would hurt the catch. Thanks system special software. The hookups would only work with ribbons. Ultra pricey trucks. Suv set for release this summer. That part he didn't love if you can only charge a specific places. It divides that kinda world up in a really awkward way. Ribian is installing thousands of universal chargers but only slower ones. That can take hours to recharge a car. Some agree with mayor would that all fast chargers should work with all

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