A highlight from That Magic Feeling



For the first thing about four years of our marriage. I did everything possible to break us up. I think i said the other day. I've i've tried to wreck our love valve time. And i you know i guess what got us through. It is or what why we're here now. It's pitched never was never ready to throw in the towel. When i was when i said we're gone. You know i always had that personnel. But we're not don. We're going to make this work. We're gonna get we're gonna get through a lot of times. It fell like i was alone. And that's that's a hard filling to go with like knew i loved her. I knew that. I didn't want anything in this life other than her. Because it's just when for people that that has as kind of love it it's you don't know it unless you experience it so it's kind of a hard thing to describe or explain to people but it's that true unending love that you feel like no matter what happens you're not gonna let go. You're not gonna lose the most important thing in your life so for me. That's that's just where i was like. I wasn't into lose. Like i was gonna love her through everything and just be there for her. But i never wanted to throw in the towel. Chris had proposed goldie when they were just eighteen years old. He got down on one. Knee at cinderella's castle but when you're young you kind of imagine that marriage might be like a fairytale that the prince being down on one knee and handing you. A ring is the one thing that will make life all better. The first years of their marriage were heart. They were totally broke. Goldie was dealing with trauma from past sexual abuse then. She developed an autoimmune disorder where she was in pain all the time pain that made her wanna take her own life.

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