Biden Wants 70% of American Adults Vaccinated by July 4


In the fight against covert 19, and the date is familiar. It's July 4th of this year, but now he wants 70% of American adults who have gotten at least one shot by Independence Day. There is resistance, especially in rural America. CBS's David Begnaud continues our coverage. The Biden administration is also planning to work with more local doctors, who they believe will be key to breaking through that vaccine distrust in local communities. Dr. Stephen Lakey is the chief medical officer at a hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado, in the northern part of the state. There aren't any demographic that are gonna be suspicious or or have not heard the message from either you know, national sources or from national news, And I think having that impact of having our local leaders in those rural environments is gonna be critical. Back in Maryland vaccine administrator Cornell candidate says some people have been able to overcome their vaccine hesitancy. In a game

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