A highlight from 3 Food Rules That Need To Go


Welcome to the poison. Punch podcast where we are in the business of detoxing from the harmful messages that are spiking our subconscious and making all sick af. She's kayla reynolds. And she is kelly roberts and this is why is it so hard to say things in sync on zoom. I don't know because like i'm tempted to go fast. And then i try to slow down and then it just gets really slow and weird. It's like watching anyone. Happy birthday like we all did virtual staff and we all tried to sing happy birthday resume and like never worked. I know it's hard. It's hard anyways anyway. I feel like we do it better when we don't even try you know it's just like happens. When we believe jinxi's jinx jinxi's sees was like a cat jinx speak. Skis jason cutie. If had cat an adopted not adopted catholic. You'll you're like cat at one hundred thousand cats in my life interesting. If you had an animal right now what would you call it. Had why do really want a dog. And i would have to see it. I don't think it's fair for me to name the before i like really get its essence. You know one hundred percent but we do get a game when we walk around. We play name that dog and we named dogs. So that's something that we do. Often you look at name that dog and then everyone has to say really quickly. that's great. That sounds like a fun. Time in an ideal world. I would have two cats and a dog two cats and a dog three cats and no doubt oh interesting what is the basis for that kind of like calculation whereas on coming from more cats is better you know. That's kind of sheer more of a cat person than a dog person. I've never had a dog. And i really want one but i've never had one and i'm a little nervous about how much work it's gonna be because i already don't really take care of myself. Well you know. Yes so adding Adding that to the mix is I think i'd be agreed off. Mom just work a lot you know. I work from home though so. That's good but you know. Yeah oh definitely a dog definitely dog.

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