Tulsa Changemakers and the Importance of Youth Voices

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We are very excited. Have andrew specter from tulsa chain vickers on the podcast today andrew. Hello jessie chris. Hello in what is definitely as i said earlier the longest from idea to recording a podcast part for good has ever done. We are very excited. Talk about change makers on on pot for good. so let's get the serve. The the basic questions. Out of the way where did the idea for tulsa makers come from tulsa change makers is really the product to to experiences that myself in jake learner cofounder change makers had when we first moved to tulsa through teacher america the first experience just feeling incredibly welcoming we got here just super invested in really connected as leaders right away in the community for me. I moved here from outside of charleston. South carolina originally from outside of boston. Jake from philly across the board to feel really welcomed invested in his leaders. I'm the second experience we had was going into classrooms. Obviously i you're teaching was challenging. But our students were blowing us away. Day my sixth graders. Abell elementary jake's fifth graders tulsa legacy charter school. Students were bright your socially minded leadership skills at rival adults that we knew and became really struck by the juxtaposition between our experiences as outsiders to also in the experiences of bianchi classrooms the insiders and what struck us. The most. Is that for me and jake. As outsiders and newcomers to tulsa we felt like we were being more invested in and more physician leaders in the community. The young people in our classrooms. That are actually better positioned up to drive positive impact in their schools and communities. And so the question. Jake and i started asking ourselves is woke me to position. The young people in our classrooms youngest ten years old and now for us as young as eight years old at your drive positive impact in their schools and communities right now and then in doing so prepared for alleged leadership in the future as well.

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