A highlight from Julio Torres


You walk made it weird with the homes. Look what's happening weirdos. This is the incredible. Julio torres who was so fun to talk to one of those conversations. I was like i didn't know i needed that. I needed those laughs. I needed that connection. He so interesting so funny. He's also one of the stars of the new movie together together which is in select theaters. Now definitely check that out. I watched it before this interview. And i loved it vow loved it. He's also on low spooky on hbo. Which i also really really enjoyed And he was the star of his own comedy special. My favorite shapes which we talk about quite a bit in this chat. How funny and how. What i don't i don't wanna ruin it. You're going to say it's a great conversation if you love this podcast and you want to show your support We don't do patriotic donate way to directly donate to us but it definitely really helps and support the show if you try. One of the pete's pecs. I don't do ads for things that i actually use an actually love. And our pete's picks this week is liquid i-i've liquid iv hydration multiplier. You add it to water. It tastes incredible. I love the way it tastes but because of science it gives you as much hydration one. Sixteen ounce glass gives you as much. Hydration is two to three bottles of plain water. That was very useful to me. Recently as i got my second dose of vaccine everybody was saying stay. Hydrated stay hydrated say hydrated. I must have gone through a case of liquid ivy that weekend and it was a real asset to me so if you are a working out person. I'm a hiker in a sonner. As you know everybody always notices the sonnen these conversations and when you do either of those things of course you're super super dehydrated and i just shug literally chug a liquid ivy. When i'm done with bat. And i feel the life rushing back into me. Hydration is so important. I find it helpful to my creativity to my mood. Just my mobility and liquid. Ibm a wonderful secret weapon for drinkers out. There i've heard a lot of testimonials it's wonderful for hangovers. A great way to jump. Start your day clear head space and give you energy They've also donated ten million sticks to people around the world. The people that need it the most first responders people in impoverished or torn up areas of the world They are a wonderful gregarious generous company. And i'm so happy to be working with have great flavors like lemon lime cy berry passion fruit. Which is me in vows. Favourite guava watermelon. Strawberry or even apple pie contains five essential vitamins more vitamin c. than an orange and as much potassium as a banana second banana healthier than sugary sports drinks. It's just got as about as much. I'm sorry less me less sugar than apple. No artificial flavors or preservatives main with clean ingredients. it's league it's non gmo.

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