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You're listening to the wakened wife podcast or we helps accessible women turn the relationship even if they're partners given up get ready for practical tips. That saved our marriage from divorce. That made it even better than the honeymoon. You too can feel. Desired loved and special again. Just like i do. Welcome back to another episode of the awakened wife podcast. I'm attache cou. I'm yuck nydia and we are from your exceptional relationship. Dot com jerez. So on episode eleven. Today we're gonna be talking about. How can i get my husband to pay more attention to me And this is for you if you are finding that your husband comes home. All tired and exhausted. He just slaps in front of the tv till he almost falls asleep. Barely dragging himself to bed. And not really paying attention to you or you have this wonderful date night planned out and minute. He canceled because he wants to go. Hang out with his friends and you're probably not feeling very happy about this. You might feel you know neglected and and don't really loved. Because honestly i mean who wants to be in a relationship where your partner is not really putting you first and paying you at paying you the attention that you actually deserve and i mean this is a common problem especially for long term relationships because at the beginning everything is so exciting and your law of and there's connection you can't wait to spend time with each other in fat every time you do spend time together and you walk away from each other. It's like there's not never enough time to be together and now is the case. Where like when do you spend time together. Life gets into the way it seems like there's so much stuff that he's engaged with but he's not that engaged with you anymore so it can make you question while what's the point of being in this kind of relationship or partnership if you're not spending that time together and you're not getting. His attention seems like everything else is in more more important and he chooses other things over you. So how do you approach this situation so that you can have more of his attention now if you're wondering why that's even the case lake. What happened that. he's not paying attention to you. You can go to the previous episode. Where i am by myself digging into your man's brain men's brain in general and uncover some two reasons. Why is not paying attention to you. And i don't believe i mentioned this one reason which i do want to mention here which is basically you know as relationship unfolds auto power -ties take Importance in their relationship. You actually have to make a conscious decision a conscious choice that you want to put their relationship force that you want to further explore. It especially wants to honeymoon face goes oak. He's over five touched kind of a little bit up in the previous episode but many more reasons there so there are actually three ways to get more attention back from your husband but before we go there. Let's actually explored actually show you what's possible okay. So you're in a place you know where you don't feel like you're getting attention and you might even get jealous about when you walk down the to the bus stop or train station. A ucd's freshly in love couple. And he's all over her and he's bringing her flowers. And you see your friends you know and how to thriving in their relationship and really hurts right. So what's actually possible. What's possible is that your husband does want to pay naturally attention to you. Don't have to beg for it. you don't have to go ask him for it. He just is drawn to and he naturally wants to spend time with you so you can imagine you wake up. And instead of cancelling plans with you he cancels plans with his friends because he wants to spend more time with you because he actually enjoys being with you and he's really attracted to you and desires you. That is what actually possible when you listen to those three tips that we have and the key here is not to convince him. You don't want to list out the reasons why he should be paying attention to you. You don't really wanna build a case and be like while because of this shouldn't don't you feel like you should Because that's not a very good place to put your man in and it's not gonna work out very well especially the long term.

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