A highlight from Side Effects of Redemption (with Shaka Senghor) Part 1

Small Doses


You funky episode of small remember my books mothers potent truth for everyday use gives out on paperback and i know a lot of gal may have gotten hardback with the paperback is It had less expensive. And it's something that you can buy three copies of and give france. Fran carry them around. This isn't a good gifting option. It's a good gifting option. And you're not trying to like. How do i describe this books. Mago says so annoyed. Because i had heard somebody describe it the other day and i was like. That's it and now. I can't even remember but for purposes mouth those is basically like my axioms idioms and thoughts around just all ways in which we are living in this life. And if you haven't read it it really is the companion to this awesome podcasting. You will have allowed us to keep doing for years and years and years and we did the book because it was like you know We need to have like a reference point for this and also you can check it out audible now this week. We have a good friend of mine. And somebody who i feel like really is just an incredible example of what it means to really like. Take your path into your own hands. You know when shock. I got out of prison and he had to like you know. Continue to make away. He

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