COVID-19 Vaccine: Questions Answered With Dr. Johnson Fatokun, MD


In today's episode. What talking to bob hawke topic the nineteen vaccine and addressing some of the concerns and worries a face around getting the vaccine and a lot of be concerned about getting the vaccine. And i just a good idea talk about it with medical practitioner would need to the as a medical doctor. Dr johnson photographer who is experience family. Physician practices here not berta so welcomed up. Johnston gets a happy ear only program. Thank you so. We've reached up the johnson today in his office in actually in limit. So how are you doing for staff about. The johnson are crazy busy. Yeah times and very odd certain tumbles love just so. There's a lot of backup false when it comes to these vaccine when it comes to the arrows reside surrounded. He has to put measures in place to mitchell. Everybody is safe. Count your office yasu safety. Those who can't calm you have to do provide catholic though. Sometimes you see some collision myself book late. Making phone calls to crash lot. Mitchell vision gets cab when you do give the house up gracie chugging discounts. So what do you. So i wanna ask you like the like you said. These are very uncertain times challenging times. What are you doing for self care as doctor like. What are you doing to stay motivated. You know into so many things. Well i'm me. Tried to go for walks. I make sure each row physically. No pounding gavin every day. Well it's good food and then rest will any to work. I take any date. It never ends now. Vision context you because of the accents so detects you to call you so you have to find out so downturns and which works and they'll which entity i don't sit in the quiet through soochow everything away

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