Interview With Shar of the Xpat App


Thanks so much for joining us today. Can you please tell us your name where you're from your current location and the name of your business. I wanted thank you for having me. Shar winter from detroit michigan currently living in lisbon portugal. I am the founder and creator of the At in expect chats community created for the black ex-pat community so talk to me about detroit so is like detroit by way of dominica jamaica by way of detroit. Talk about your caribbean experienced up in detroit. Yes i am. First generation american on both. My parents are from detroit. I mean from jamaica. Mom actually came over to the. Us she was pregnant with me. Solve almost four to make With my sister in tow my sister was about three at the time My dad was already over near living in florida on. We went up to michigan where my grandmother was in. That's how we ended up in detroit because my grandma had come over about maybe eighteen years prior and you know for job opportunities so my family's from a pretty remote town in my mother's side in jamaica call in you know is really really remote mountainous region of jamaica not at all the tourist spots by casey nine months ago. So yeah it's always acts. My family like how did you end up in the cold. Each in verses jamaica. Because you know where my dad would make sense right. You're miami many caribbean people down. The air is kinda like you're still at home a little bit by year groping he choi move to the suburbs when i was about heading to fifth grade of detroit outside of detroit and then after that went to school in atlanta s spelman. College style haven't really been back home home to like or vice time

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