Let's Reclaim the Bitcoin Energy Debate


What's going on guys. It is thursday. April twenty second and today is earth day so for earth day. Let's reclaim the bitcoin energy debate. Shall we before we do that. Let's do the brief. I up on the brief today crypto. Ma is in full swing. I've said a bunch of times that this is going to be one of the key trends to watch this year. And there are a number of reasons for that i you have flush balance-sheets companies in the crypto space have cash and they wanna leverage that cash to accelerate an advance their position in the market. Second you have bigger competition. More companies going after bigger pies which means inevitably some amount of joining forces trying to find edges through acquisitions and as a part of that. You also have new entrance into the market. I e traditional finance companies. Who are now able to offer crypto services. The by product of that is likely to be many crypto companies being folded into traditional service providers. A couple of stories on the front. The first is a reported acquisition. That isn't a done deal yet. Apparently galaxy digital mike novigrad shop is in the hunt for bit. Go which just announced a multi hundred million dollar insurance fund now. There have been numerous rumors of bit. Go acquisitions pay pal. It seemed last year was looking into acquiring bit go but that never ended up happening one. That was confirmed. However is that neither has acquired arc does capital artists a commercial lender that focuses on financing for bitcoin miners and other crypto firms which is relevant with our main discussion. Today this is actually the second announced acquisition for nine this year having previously scooped digital assets data

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