Making Athens Neighborhoods More Evironmentally Friendly


Let's start today's travel. With rick steves increase hosting the olympics in two thousand four forced that famously chaotic and polluted city of athens to invest in more pedestrian and eco friendly alternatives tour guides cars and pastas doris joining us. Now to look at what you can expect when you scroll the neighborhoods their city by the way we recorded this conversation before the pandemic shutdown international borders things very much. What's it like when you hear. An american. say athens used to be terrible today. It's changed big low. We are old enough to remember what you mean. Because i grew up in the nineteen ninety s where we had these serious problem with his cloud. Above athens was pollution cloud. Yeah but then a they introduce measurement which was not. All cars are allowed to enter the city center the yukon enter Based on the you and your license plates so this improves the today. Absolutely yeah and athens benefited a lot from. That's an apostolakis. There's more sensitivity for pedestrian zones. I think from syntagma square. You can walk downhill on on. What used to be a very crowded traffic street and now it's like a park weekly unification for q logical sites so he can start working starting from sedan west and you can make your way old down to get me. Cost the asking symmetry of otherness. It's beautiful walk without motorbikes. And there's this beautiful pedestrian sort of park. That goes to me almost all the way around the acropolis also the hill that the city is built around. That just seems designed for people and it's beautiful in the evening. It's beautiful in the day.

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