A highlight from 1539: Why Rest Periods Are Important for Building Muscle & Strength, How to Train After Having Breast Implants, the Correct Order to Phase Your Workouts for Maximum Results & More

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And of course there's a one hundred percent happiness. Gearing birthday cake is back everybody then we got into the questions. The first question was asked by christine from colorado She's going through one of our programs. Just got surgery. Wants to know to proceed from there. The next question was from ryan from west. Virginia wants to know how to order his workout hypertrophy. Strength and power. What's the right order to do those. The third question was area from mexico. She's been doing a lot of gardening. Work wants to know how to just her workouts because they're low back has been real tight. The fourth question was from parker from oklahoma. Wants to know if he can run two of our programs at the same time we go into depth on that question and the final question was bailey from texas She wants to start a new program but wants to do shorter. rest periods. Wants to know if that's okay. So we talk about rest periods and their importance also. We are still running are huge summer. Bundle bundle promotion or summer sale. I should say promotion the two things

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