How Ford Made the Worst Car Ever

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Edsel. Ford was born in eighteen ninety three in detroit. He grew up in the motor city before it was the motor city his entire childhood. He had a shotgun seat to watch his father. Henry ford build the automotive empire that shared his name. Big shoes big shoes. The shoes they say about big shoes to fill Edsel seem to share his dad's passions. He grew up tinkering with cars and learning everything. There was to know about engines and design and so looked up to his famous father. But unlike henry ford edsel was a kind man who enjoyed the finer things in life. He was stylish and aristocratic. In contrast to papa henry who famously hated anything frivolous or luxurious having a private chef at your camping trips. Yeah ron christie at your camping trips. Do we have to revisit the sixty-nine square no you don't have to get into him. Sixty nine hundred edison. But it happened one hundred percent for sure henry. Ford did sixty nine with thomas. Edison well for a more substantiate an example. Whenever henry visited edsels house edsel had to hide his fine wine collection. One want your dad to know that you had the good stuff. Do you guys have a wine collection. Not for very long. Yeah i've got a couple of wines. Why way me it was really bad. We're keeping that edsel believe that the ford motor company needed to look towards the future but his father was increasingly obsessed with the past for instance. Anyone who mentioned decommissioning. The model t was fired. Why would you even think about doing that if you're like yeah well at. This point is pretty old car although their relationship was what we might call today. Toxic henry ford still taught us on how to run the company. Henry ford started the ford motor company in nineteen. Oh three and in one thousand nine hundred henry step down and name president of the company

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