How to Get Your Energy Back TODAY with Dr. Amy Shah


Dr amy. Welcome to the podcast. It's a pleasure to have you here. Thank you so much for having me. Who's a socal. We were chit chatting a little earlier but the book is called. The book is about being tired. And i wanted to check in and see on your book tour and as a mom and still practicing physician. How're you doing doing good. I actually stick to my own advice. I get my morning routine. I get my sleep. If i get my sunlight that i'm good to go so i feel good today. I'm good we also suggesting a little bit of when you get off equilibrium. What artists signals. What you pay attention to. That's a sign that i've gotten a little bit too far off. I need to reset and need to ask for help. What is that for you that you've gotten a little bit lack of a better term off track for yourself. Yeah for me definitely. It's my emotional control. So if i i'm always working and i think you all of us were always working on our mind control right so how. We react to things when i find that. I'm losing control my emotions of getting a little too angry or short or impatient To emotional about things around me. That's when i know that. I'm not on the right track. And that's first line and that. I need pullback may get a little more asleep some nature time back to my basic self care Things to get myself reset. Because my when i'm at my best i am. I want to be patient. I want to be kind And i want to be focused and energetic. And if i'm not those things that's when i know that things are not going well

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