As NCAA president flails, whispers of an exodus get louder


Seems like mark. Emery is always in the news. We talked to pete thamel about him. A couple of days ago and since then pitas written Even more talking about whether the winds of change are not already in the thanks for the time. Let's let's talk about your latest on. When i was i was dumbfounded when i read your column because i swear. I rent a comment the other day. Some poo bear in the ncwa hierarchy. That said he was doing a good job and they were happy with him. Well hey it was interesting. Paul like he. There's a little bit like i know. I caught in the stock market. When when when the stocks keep going up they call it the goldilocks effect in in college. Athletics when someone who is perhaps not performing their job at a high level but still gets to keep their job is a similar thing. We're just all the all the factors surrounding them are in place so they can keep on going even if the results aren't there and we we saw you know most recently with larry scott out in the pac twelve where it was fairly unanimous Feeling amongst athletic director certainly in a lot of people out there that maybe it was time for larry to move on and he had a couple of key presidents especially the gentleman at arizona state and they make a crow who were were on his. We're on his side and he kept the job probably three or four years longer than maybe even more than that than than most people in that area would Would have thought he was going to in so the Mark emirate is that he is pretty much lost his constituency on the ground meaning he has lost the commissioners for shore at multiple commissioners going to estimate that least eighty five percent of them would like to see a change in the president's spot athletic directors. A little harder to judge. 'cause you're you're going from university of maine to miami and alabama you know eastern washington. There's three hundred and something in division one and there's d tuned. three as well But it's probably a fair estimate to say eighty five percent there want change as well. I mean let's put it this way for all the stuff that's come out about mark emmer. His anybody stepped up to defend him. I don. I don't think there's i have not heard or seen a you know a single person other than his bosses.

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