Confident Sober Women With Shelby John


Hello everyone welcome to the addicted. Mine to podcast a great s today shelby. John and she is going to talk about her journey of recovery and how she helps Women overcome addiction and empower themselves and thrive in their life. Shelby introduce yourself. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so here part of the addicted. Mind podcast. I love to listen to the stories that you bring to the recovery community and like you said earlier. I think it's so important for us as folks living in recovery to bring hope to those who are still trying to figure it out out there right now that possibility that life beyond the substances can be very beautiful and and possible possible. Yeah i love that part of just accomplishing. We haven't been ago And that's what i liked you to super passionate about Women who struggle with substances and who are have chosen to begin a life of recovery end ourself for many many years. I got sober in july first. Two thousand two and physical really long time ago. That denied it doesn't seem that long ago but that well was kind of a lifetime ago in in many ways it does feel like that doesn't cause sometimes i'm hit right in the face with just those same kinds of feelings of desperation or intuitively know how to handle things in so just like i was in active addition. There are definitely times. I've had many things that have occurred. This where the fianc come back up. And i have to be able to use the tools i learned to deal with them and to keep myself and spiritually fit

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