How to Forgive Yourself After You've Cheated


We might want to address a question that i get often. Which is should. I confess to having had an affair or having had cheated. And obviously you already said that you have until department partner. You don't plan on telling them so. This may not be directed at you but i. i think it's an important question to consider for. Everyone and i don't have an answer. I don't have a universal answer. I think you have to decide. What's appropriate in your circumstance in your relationship it. But i do want to talk about this kind of notion of confession because i this. This is something that comes up a lot Really wanna highlight that. In regard to confessing in some cases confessing is really about switching your own guilt and working through your own shame. Meaning that it's not really about being honest with your partner or repairing or improving the relationship but in some cases for some people. I noticed that it's really about getting it off your chest relieving a sense of tension you're struggling with and so in some cases i've seen it do a lot of harm so i've seen couples in which one partner reveals that they've had an affair from the past oftentimes to assuage their own uncomfortable feelings and then the other partner sometimes okay. I want to be really clear human variation here. We'll say i wish i never. I wish they never told

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