Nashville floods leave 4 dead, 130 rescued


In Nashville has claimed at least four lives. Torrential rainfall, overwhelming drainage systems. Mayor John Cooper of Nashville this afternoon said it may have stopped raining, but the floods are far from over The Cumberland River. Is it 38.75 ft. And is expected to reach flood stage, which is 40. FT. ABC s Alex Cora. Daddy is in Tennessee with a family that had to be rescued by first responders in rubber rafts when their home was surrounded by the flood. We're out here where they rescued five adults, three Children and a couple of dogs. Everyone has cleared the scene where the last out here, the homeowner says they don't know how long it'll be before they're able to be back. But at this point, this seems to be a good ending, thanks to the actions of first responders out here in Williamson County, Georgia.

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