The Surprising Journey of New World Coins To Mughal India‬


So spanish. America produces mindful of silver from the fifteen cookies and forties particularly from the fifteen forty s. Silver began to be exported in very large quantities. This came in the form of silver coins. A heavy silver coin got dollars odeon feet from mexico. So if you have mexican reels fate from baru via Peruvian dollars and they all came to spain a several itself From berlin silver gold civilian. That's not jeff hader. He's a professor of medieval and early. Modern history at the center for historical studies at joe har lal now who university in new delhi. He says the silver's johnny did not end in spain. Large quantity of silver flew out of spain so much. So that spin did not remain the biggest beneficiary in your world and it gravitated towards hideous which were highly commercialized. They goods and services. And i would consider mobilier two very important zone toward switch. These coins cry. We dated the mogul empire ruled most of northern india from the early sixteenth to the mid eighteenth century and it was one of the most powerful economies in the world india since ancient times had a gordon extraordinary structure of foreign trade and trade balances india exported commodities mainly textiles spices indigo and salt bitter chicago. Green to the markets in the persian gulf and red sea and beyond that to the mediterranean ain't exchange golden silver came. There was a very high demand and all this started. Driving towards the indian ocean in a favorite bakery an india receive a lion's share of this spanish-american suit

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