`MSNBC Apologizes For Showing Wrong Video of Congressman


S d. N c. Let's not forget them. Here is MST N c host apologizes after network Confused too black Congressman I talked about it. The impeached former federal judge criminal taking bribes Alcee Hastings. God rest his soul. Hey, died a couple of days ago, The age of 84. MSNBC was doing the orbit for Congressman Alcee Hastings. Unfortunately, they weren't showing a picture of Alcee Hastings. They were showing a picture of another random black congressman by the name of Benny Thompson, who is not Alcee Hastings and looks nothing like Chelsea Hastings. So they put on their white anchor Hallie Jackson to come on and apologize. But you wanna apologize. First mistake that we made on this show. Yesterday we're reporting on the death of Congressman Alcee Hastings. We mistakenly showed video of Congressman Bennie Thompson, which should never have happened were started never have happened. We're very sorry. It reminded us naturally of when MSNBC introduced the Reverend Jesse Jackson, but they introduced him as Al Sharpton. Me now to talk about this and the nation's real problem of joblessness. Reverend Al Sharpton. What's your reaction to hearing someone say? Hey, you know when it's just looking at many qualities l hear too Well, the rising tide floats all boats is actually here. I'm Reverend Jesse Jackson. I don't You know, I'm so sorry. The script in front of me, said Reverend Al Sharpton. I'm looking at your face. I know you are Reverend Jackson. We all doing so not only am I a racist, but the writers and producers are raised us today. MSNBC too. It's good to not be fox news

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