A highlight from The Surprising Gift of Doubt with Marc A. Pitman


Hi this is mark pitman and the best advice that i ever got is the question. What if you weren't broken. What if you are actually perfect for this role mark. That's so deep dude. One of fewer perfect for this role. What if you weren't broken but wow man. So where'd you learn that. Thank you so much. And i totally botched the inbetween part. Hi i'm mark pitman. The author of the surprising gift of well. I promise you we're going to promote the heck out of your book because it's fantastic. I forgot to meet the bonds hamburgers ice your book anyway. Nobody's gonna remember from the first three seconds the show the title of the book. Anyway i promise we'll say a lot right because the surprising gift of doubt so. I doubt anybody remember. That's surprising says right front. Kathy close on right exactly. I knew i heard somewhere right but seriously man. So one of your perfect for this role. That's interesting so where did you learn that man. Well that's the thing. I posed it as the best advice. Ever got an remember where i got it from I i'm a voracious reader fifty to seventy five books your i love learning in the national speakers association listening to people there and others to But that's the question. I found myself asking a lot lately as we've been getting ready for release of this book in asking people in having those sort of you know there are some questions you asked if people are like ads good and then there are some questions where it just seems like. It's really resonating deeply within people and that's what what if instead of being broken. What if you're the perfect person to address. The situation seems something to anchor in. And that's what the book is about that. Why why could what doubt is is rather than it shame producing and Kind of flagellating yourself and really beating yourself up. What if the doubt were not something. That's something to be avoided but for an invitation into exploring their inner cues all the extra accused you're not measuring up with what if are internal issues that are part of who you are and part of the way you're created that is actually the reason the externals don't match is because they need your voice they need your your solution your perspective to at least be part of the conversation. That's i think that's right. And i say that being typically the weird guy in the room like i typically from the outside in i would say the guy defense in those conversations. But i'll tell you what to that point. The fact that i don't is often exactly why i need to be in those conversations because you know because they they don't need another yes person. They need someone who's going to say. Well maybe not well. Maybe that works differently especially like at two point. I hear that. I hear that in my heart right here that my brain sometimes i you know your first chapter listening to that inter nudge. Get that man. I get that for sure. So when's the first nudge. Can you remember. Maybe wanna early nudges. You've got when you were working mark. Gosh that he adds a great question. nothing's coming to mind right now. I know that there were there. Were like eight nine Came around. I thought it was going to be a church. Planter vineyard vineyard churches in sweden. I'm a nerd. And i also like try to listen to different areas of my life. I learned swedish and six months. Lost the accent so they thought i was danish german. Which isn't necessarily complement two swedes. When it was a complimentary in american because they didn't know from america which is called. I thought if i if. I have that kind of ability to pick up languages that quickly. Maybe i should be doing church planning. Because i thought being a pastor was the way i was going to be all that could be to the world and so i think the that nudge even though to do that was helped. Guide me along a pretty nontraditional schooling in career path. I took an honors program in college. Where i studied not only history. I saw my friends go to seminary and get weird. They went in human beings and they came out like weird theologians that talked about. They always referencing scholars and stuff. And i'm a nerd. I love the scholarly stuff. But jd theory isn't going to help someone pay their bills and if you know pay their mortgage and there's you know it's not gonna help them mourn his loss of the spouse so i tried to pack it all into my four years of undergrad. Where i i lived in jerusalem for year five semesters of hebrew did for for three semesters of ancient greek and queen agree the biblical end wider greek. So i'm totally like out on this stuff and all has served me well but it was fifteen years after college before i play it to start actually planted a church. I didn't think i was going to so listening to that nudge. In helping me to to do the non traditional things of like a passer typically goes to seminary and i knew it seminary. I wanted to go to harvard school. I knew that was where i wanted to go. And i had fortunately had an a mentor. That said mark were. Where's your end goal in. This is one of the first coaching things of. that's great. That you wanna go there but would you want to serve. Sort of like what we. I'm sure you do this. Who when you're going on a podcast. Who's your audience. What what's your goal. What would you like me to help you support in this and see if you have harvard school on your resume and your there certain organizations that will see that in not even. You don't even get past. I got because of the ideology and the assumptions. So so i don't have any school yet. I went and got a masters in organizational leadership instead figure. That was even more interesting but yes so that was a good question. I'll be. I'll be thinking about that for a while so i i think i think answer the question without realizing you did and by that as you you got a bunch of nudges and instead of taking them as a shove this is a direction you must go instead. You paused and said. Is this a nudge. Is this a push the command something a half to do. Why am i doing that. That's what i heard you say okay. So we're going to go there that that is really good. I'm glad thank you for making me. Sound that articulate. One of the nudges then was the wonderful woman. Who's been my wife for twenty six years advocates years this man. Yeah i know i. We can't go along without saying the amazing things about family. So the part of that in that college experience was. I was really thinking for whatever reason that i well.

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