A highlight from Episode #530 - Bullsh*t Chicken - Dan Soder and Zac Amico


Yes yes y'all. I don't know what's going on. There's there's only the sex doll on the screen and the our show Pay everybody there. We are leading skaggs podcast. We are live from the guess digital studios in new york. We're down one skank today. I'm your host big joe kherson. Obviously i'm here. Of course we have david smith. Hello it's good to be here. And i have a feeling lewis will drop in you. Think he's gonna pop. And somehow just i didn't even mean him himself just in conversation fair buddy. We already close to him. It's almost like the impression of him haunts us. We have never really shaken. Apparently in one day he's missing the episode. It's a whole thing already in his life. Going on we're gonna find out about I i'm going to do our two guests filling those big puerto rican shoes everybody We are bringing the hilarious today. Of course we have from zacks. Midnight spook show the by guys. Podcast both here on this network guess digital network and what's the other one you do. Another real asked low and realized with lewis right. I that's close the call in how you summon him. Don't you do another one. Oh yeah podcast It is hilarious. Zaka meco with this. Everybody let me hair. I really love the short hair. Feel unburdened hold on commenters. Fuck you gay fieri. Violent gay big. Ao kherson lead singer. Vast smash mouth got okay house. That's the show. I gotta tell you eight mile at one point tonight. Please go some body around the house. Somebody went Yeah fucking really hurt there was. I've been called all those same exact things that every show with by me yes also coming back haunt zachary and of course everybody My work husband from billions on showtime. Mcphee himself yeah. It is hilarious. Dan soda with us. Everybody hello dan lewis we miss we do miss lewis r.i.p and last but not least of course we have Sex doll genie hanging out with this monster. Today's show sex theology. They sent over to us. She has no questions. She shuts her yap had a tough life. Those boobs i'm guessing are fake. The shoulder strength. Hold your arm up and permanent scans have skin. Though is is a weird. I don't know yeah rubbery fuck your her. Armpit is the least sexy thing. I've ever seen man come in in one of those things has to be the biggest drop off. No no no. You're a rubber lady. I'd say lever arms down. Her joints are weird. Yeah but she's got hot body. I guess if you have to judge a fuck doll i came in and squeeze the tinny while you guys are out smoking yeah. It was on camera. I wonder oh no. I took a picture hand on it. Of course be better if they picked up audio and you just heard zachary like what's lonely lady. Under the best of circumstances. I think i get fucked all the best of circumstances cocky asshole but i mean again to me. It's always the come the second you come the second you come. You're on run and your and you do if you do a little bit extra you the dollar on top of you. And they put the hand around the neck of the back of the dollar's closely. Oh god that was essentially excellent but then you snap out of that like when the guy wakes up at twenty eight days later than so. And here's this fucking hit the floor because you kick the rubber body off the bed. Do you think someone's like role played with sex dolls like the degenerative point of like fucking it like pretending it's sleeping and piano wiring. It's fucking head off. You're asking. The question has someone. Yeah big country world. What what therefore gonna say that. There's a specific brand for that in japan. There's gotta be i bet. Worldwide hundred thousand people doing dolls who wins gold medal. Is it japan. I would think. Think the top two or japan in us. Japan's making the ones that like a talk. Show talk to you. Cook you they actually. They actually don't like it when you call them dolls to them. Please stop saying that. I have feelings. Dan daniel what am i going to meet your mother x nine hundred. Sit in a closet. All thanksgiving dan do you know. Are you giving the night writer for. I would love to come inside mr matthews to dude. I did a convention one time and he was doing autographs at somebody went up to him and halfway through it. He had his granddaughter as his handler. And he's yeah. He's young old magnum. Pi and knight rider cars next to him for pictures and he's doing this already signing his book and heavily through he just takes his pen up and he looks his granddaughter goes. I would like to go home now. And he puts his head back of the. she's like a few more autographs. Grandpa you just she fucking tasers could see he was like i. Whoever headlines scared have the same dream every night where the car crushes my head. There's so many teenagers here Yeah but i mean look if you're gonna fuck fuck that's the one. Is that the one what's better. I don't know i haven't perused. What kind of chicks do you like. Dude just doesn't suit you now. She gets them heavy ticket. Fat ass tits. She loves skanks. That's cool baby. Blue dead is in with her. You like a lover stairs you like this. I would prefer she had like stretch marks in c-section scarf gates fan. Yeah give us a fucking zach. I know you fucked and your life. The quick shot from here. Yeah i felt so good the first time i put my dick in it. I felt like i was cheated. Yeah i guess they gave. What a what a plug. Anyone could offer moral dilemma of sorry for all of i brought it home and the next morning my trick woke up. And she's like all right. Wait till i get home to try it before. She was done locking the door on her way out. It was already my dick. She come back like it's like forgot her mask. I would have already did she. Hear how fast did you hear the hallways awesome. She's just oh. Ooh your mass babe. What is this zach used. That open ended flashlight. That used the sponsor this you shoot through. You should right into a paper towel. Bub it just it just comes around. It just goes around your face or inside your fist. Fucking fits this leaner grip so weiner grip a great way to put it. Yeah nominal really that. I have sitting on my house. A thomson they were set for us the other day. I don't know if you've promoted them yet. But it's a it's a real suck machine thing. That's that's charge the way to describe a woman in this matter. Girls a real som-. She thought she left for college or any sock. She it was. I mean it. Looks like the magazine for fucking. Ak47 it's a. It's a big piece of equipment. Christine's like locked in loud at high. Gotta say also i don't like when they make real i haven't put my dick in it yet but i think this particular toys making a real assumption is another one that like it. Looks like when it's in use your dick should be coming out of the other end of it. It's quite a tube dude. You know the thing i'm talking about. It's a quite a tube. I on my dick like i hope. Dick comes on the other side. It's a real to definitely can't use this for sure there's dick a dick five and up. It says on the side of the box. Does anybody know what. That's called bobby. You have a fact-finding mission now on a fuck toy effect.

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