A highlight from Thursday, April 8, 2021


The image. He says shows. Floyd was potent literally trying to bring with his fingers and knuckles under derek. Chauvin sneath the covert surge in the mid west a growing number of cases in kids and teens and so called breakthrough infections. What's your risk of catching cove after you've been fully vaccinated our series american worker after covert what will your workplace look like fishes nbc. Nightly news. with lester holt. Good evening we're going to begin with breaking news here tonight just hours. After president biden signed executive actions on new gun restrictions yet another apparent mass shooting occurred the second in under twenty four hours late this afternoon gunfire erupting at a business in bryan texas officials. Say at least one person is dead. Several others are critically hurt. It comes after five people were shot and killed yesterday by a former. Nfl player in south carolina. The president frustrated by what he calls an epidemic of mass shootings earlier today saying enough prayers time for action. We'll tell you about those actions in a moment but first details on that breaking news from texas morgan. Chessy is there tonight. Tragedy in texas police converging on the scene of another mass shooting. The gunman opening fire on multiple people. Police sang at least one person is dead. Four others hospitalized the

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