New Racial Slur Allegation Follows Football Game in Fairfax, Virginia


High schools are talking with players and coaches after junior varsity football players from Fairfax are accused of a racist incident against the team from Alexandria. Let's go to W T O peacemaking Clark. The allegations are that Robinson secondary School junior football players from Fairfax spat on and used a racial slur. Against players from T. C. Williams High School in Alexandria during a game Monday night, spokeswoman for F. C. P S Lucy Caldwell says in a statement. Quote We recognize we have much work to do in our schools and will continue to strive to promote equity. Caldwell says the school district plans to hold stand down meetings for all teams and coaches to review appropriate behavior required to play. This comes two weeks after football players at another Fairfax County school were accused of a racist incident against an opposing team. T. C. Williams principal Peter Bala says they're collecting accounts of what happened from players and coaches and have been in touch with Robinson's athletic staff. Meghan Cloherty. W T. O P News

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