How Cauliflower Is Caught Up in Diet Culture


Is cauliflower. Everything poisoned bunch is an excellent. I will start by not answering it. I'm gonna start by saying i think is cauliflower. Everything poison punch. I think it's rooted in diet culture. I think for me if we're looking at what cauliflower is in right like pizza pasta wraps posing as mashed potatoes even pancakes nowaday all of these things. I think. That's a real representation of diet cultures. Carb phobia right there. Let's take this vegetable and try to put it anywhere that we're finding carbs to make something lower in carbs. So i think that messaging inherently wrong is like pretty rooted in diet culture. It's like oh you can have this if you have like the cauliflower and if we're looking at the marketing and advertising associated with that right like what you're saying like the more is more rate more per serving or You know just saying like this is like a superfood situation you know like all the kind of diet trophy Tape things are usually present when it when it comes to that. So if i'm like even looking at some of the labels it's just like on mine it's like two grams. Net carp rightly specifically targeting. People who are like trying to avoid carbs for some reason and so. I think that that that in of itself is really really problematic. And i think it's not necessarily happening in an effort to be like let's add more vegetables cheer diet and while that might be some of the messaging is often than ever to help. Reinforce the notion that like the enemy and your body can't handle those

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