New Force Of Nature Leaves Physicists Over the Muon

What A Day


Cancel culture might becoming for sir. Isaac newton assisting have discovered a new fundamental force the results are from the fermi national accelerator lab in illinois which has been doing experiments on me. Wan's milan's are subatomic particles that are similar to electrons hundred times heavier. Maybe even two hundred one times have year after a full year in quarantine. Thank you. this is why. I'm a professional physics. Comedian i go to the conferences. The experiment involved measuring the wobble of milan's any big magnetic field based on the most current model of particle physics. They should have wobbled at predictable. Rate when scientists recorded wobbling rate. That was faster than expected. They were led to hypothesize enu fundamental force was at play. Of course if you're not on hive like me might not mean a lot but people in the physics community are very excited. They say this finding has the potential to clear up galactic mysteries like dark matter. Look all good. Keep it up guys. Just let me know before you do something that all into a black

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