U.S. and Iran Holding Talks Via Nuclear Deal Signatories


Countries are doing their utmost to resurrect the Iran nuclear deal in the coming months. Talks open tomorrow with two other signatories to the accord, China and Russia. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports France is calling on Iran to show a constructive stents. Following a call with his Iranian counterpart over the weekend, French Foreign Minister Jeeva Julianne said in a statement that he's asked Iran to refrain from further violations of current nuclear commitments. The U. S. Will not take part directly and discussions Tuesday. But for the first time since the Trump administration pulled out of the Iran agreement in 2018 and reimpose sanctions, Ah U S delegation will be present. The 2015 accord lifted economic sanctions on Iran in return for restrictions on its nuclear program. The talks are intended to help identify steps necessary to return to full compliance with the nuclear deal. Iran says U. S sanctions must first be removed. Eleanor

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