Haitians in Tijuana Seek to Enter U.S.


Life at sea, with everyone everywhere when it comes to the migrant crisis at the border. Ah lot of attention has been focused on Central Americans, but people from other parts of the world have come to Mexican border cities like Tijuana. Seeking to try to cross to the U. S. For asylum That includes people from Haiti from San Diego. Here's KPBS reporter Max Rivlin. Nadler, a community of Haitian migrants has been into Quanah for nearly a decade, fleeing a devastating earthquake, hurricanes, financial collapse and now deep political instability and violence as an unpopular president. Tries to hold on to power in Porta Prince. Many Haitians are stuck in Tijuana, fearful that by crossing the border, they'll be sent right back to Haiti. But unable to make a life for themselves in Mexico. When a migrant camp was established in February at the El Chapo to our port of entry in Tijuana, hundreds of Haitians set up tents, hoping that they would soon be allowed to declare asylum in the U. S. You're the only Ito was one of them. He'd been living in Tijuana for a year. I'm looking at here, Dia. She's having said that hideous his country that he loves it, but it wasn't possible to stay there. There are too many criminals with nothing to do, you know, had spent five years working in Chile. The discrimination there was intense. He was trying to get into the United States, even though he feared possibly being returned to Haiti. Good thing will be a little capital alive, he said. If they deport him, he wouldn't live in heating. He doesn't have anything there. He wouldn't have the money to leave, though. He's afraid. If you

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