Vanity Sizing and the Justin Bieber Effect


What's been in the news this week and as soon as i saw what my friend sam talk to attack me. And thank you sam. And i sent laura. This is what we've got to talk about this week because yet again boo. Who are in the news and getting the blame for some thing. That might not be careful. It's away from sustainability to this week. It's actually around pricing so boo hoo fade in the news as a customer schumer's picked up on the fact that they have the same product at two of their brands with different prices. So a customer find a coat that was on coast for a higher price but was also in darfur perkins for eight low prices. Thirty four pounds more coast than it was a kyko. Things happened as someone that is worked in the fashion industry previously. I used to work for a band called love a small kind of a fast. Fashion brand died in london. And what. I say it was small. It wasn't born in terms of things that that it was quite a small head office so our work in their showroom as pr and social media person booked could also see the things that were going on wholesale and orders and the factories that they doubt with darby lay. It was kind of a very small close knit company in the fact that you knew everything about what was going on it was either so first of all. I just think that the major again it goes back to the major. Just wanna jump on it. I'm going to call this the justin bieber fact because this is exactly what happens and i always go back to this example. Where the major car. How but pick on one particular person. I love justin bieber or half. Always yes. I'm a complete loser but i'm proud of being that loser but it was just a point where justin bieber did everything wrong. And that's what comes with being in the limelight and in the media. And i get that put the just love it. What say cop took words. That is it. The press will not leave that person or brand

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